За Find fourteen more words for places in towns.

3b Put the words from the wordsearch in the correct group.

the law






culture and entertainment

_____________ _________________

____________ ________________

____________ ________________


____________ ________________


____________ ________________

____________ ________________

4. Where would you go?

1. You've got toothache.

2. You've got a headache.

3. Your eyes hurt and you can't see the board at school.

4. You've got a lot of clothes to wash.

5. You've got a jacket which can't be washed.

6. You're looking for a flat to rent.

7. You've got to do the week's food shopping and you haven't got a lot от time.

8. You've seen an accident in the street. One of the cars drove away without stopping.

9. You За Find fourteen more words for places in towns.'re looking for a job.

10. You want to buy a new watch.

11. You're going to Australia on holiday and you want to change some money.

12. You want to buy some flowers for your friend's birthday.

e.g.On Monday evening we'll go to a concert at the Barbican Concert Hall.

5. You are telephoning to book two tickets for Charlie's Angels this evening. Complete the dialogue.

Assistant: Plaza Cinema, good afternoon.

You:(say what you want)I’d like___________________________

Assistant: Which performance?

You: (decide and respond) ________________________________

Assistant: That'll be £15, please.

You: (discount for students За Find fourteen more words for places in towns.?)______________________________

Assistant: Only for the two o'clock performance.

You: (respond) _________________________________________

Assistant: OK. That's fine. Could I have your credit

card number?

6a Write 'S' for the shop assistant's sentences and 'C' for the customer's sentences in dialogues 2 and 3.

6b Fill in the missing words.

6c Number the sentences in the correct order to make dialogues.

6d Write the type of shop in which each dialogue takes place.

Dialogue 1

S/C Correct order

............... All washing machines come with a two-year guarantee.

If you need any help, just ask.

... ... I will. Thank __________

... ... Good morning. _________ I help За Find fourteen more words for places in towns. you?

... ... I'm __________ looking, thanks.

Type of shop _________________________________

Dialogue 2

Документ За Find fourteen more words for places in towns.